Are apps the next big thing for mobile email?

It’s worth mentioning that for app developers, there are fairly straightforward upsides to directing email subscribers to an app. First of all, you can encourage usage – and measure resulting activations, re-engagement and events like a profile being set up. You can also link directly to new functionality that you’ve introduced to subscribers via an campaign. Email doesn’t just have to be used to send notifications – it can also be used to drive people to an app, time and time again.

But isn’t this a device-specific solution?

Predictably, there are a couple of issues with using the app-specific schemes from email. For starters, the URL to a specific app and action may not be static, whereas once sent, a link in an email campaign is forever. Secondly, URL schemes for multi-platform apps may vary by platform (ie. what works on an iPhone may not work on Android), so the chance of failure can be high.Fokke Zandbergen proposed a solution, which is to link through to a website. The benefit is that:A website is dynamic. You can use information on the user’s device and browser to provide information and actions that closely match the users environment.

\’URL schemes for iOS and Android (2/2)\’, Fokke Zandbergen

The website is a blip, serving to rapidly redirect the user to the app on their platform. In many cases, a prompt doesn\’t need to be displayed (as in the Maps example above). For an insightful (if not rather technical) overview on how to use URL schemes, I highly recommend Fokke\’s series on URL schemes for IOS and Android – here\’s Part 1 and Part 2.

via Are apps the next big thing for mobile email? – Campaign Monitor.

via Are apps the next big thing for mobile email? – Campaign Monitor.