Amazon Jumps Into 3D Print Game With On-Demand Store

Amazon has always been an on-demand marketplace of sorts; it can ship virtually anything in two days. But now, the online retail giant is taking “on demand” to a new level with its first 3D printing product marketplace.

On-demand 3D printing continues to expand alongside the exponential growth of affordable, at-home 3D printers. In the on-demand space, Shapeways and Staples’ MyEasy3D lead a growing list of consumer-friendly services. Competing for your attention and dollars, though, areMakerbot’s Mini Replicator and the $199 Mod-T from Idea Lab’s NewMatter.

When asked whether such widely available on-demand 3D printing could dampen enthusiasm for home 3D printers, Idea Labs CEO and NewMatter backer Bill Gross said it simply ups the game.

via Amazon Jumps Into 3D Print Game With On-Demand Store.