Senior Product Manager – Relation Management

June 2012 – Present (6 months)Paris Area, France

– Articulate the value proposition and differentiators in the mobile marketing offer and deliver product roadmap for mobile capabilities
– Develop product adoption and increase product profitability
– Lead the cross-functional team to implement the product
– Work collaboratively with the marketing team and pre-sales to develop marketing plans, positioning, core messaging, presentations, demos and sales tools

– Set up an independent SMS platform and integrate 2 Global providers (Sybase and Netsize) with cost routing and delivery status management to increase country coverage, provide campaign delivery report to clients and aggregated data’s to finance dept. for invoicing.
– 20% increase in margin on 95% of the traffic from January 2013
– Roll out first marketing campaigns with local offices in Brazil, Russia, Turkey and China
– Visit 15 clients in 6 months to gather requirements and set up 6 case studies
– Deliver mobile opportunity assessment for Email open/click tracking per device and in-app push notification including first partnership with providers Urban Airship Initiate and Capptain


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