Powering smarter marketing

Emailvision started with a vision for the next generation of customer relationship marketing and quickly evolved into a global leader providing SaaS campaign management solutions for email, mobile and social marketing.

The Vision

As the traditional mailbox gave way to an inbox hosted on personal computers and mobile devices, Emailvision’s founder believed that customer relationship marketing would fundamentally change. Nick Heys started Emailvision in 1999 with a vision of using cutting edge technology to move direct marketing online. From the very beginning, Emailvision offered a cloud-based platform that gave marketers complete control of their online campaigns, without heavy reliance on internal IT. Emailvision’s revolutionary SaaS product, Campaign Commander, launched in 2000 and for the first time marketers were able to apply best practices in relationship marketing to email marketing.

Innovations in Technology

With seven major versions and twenty-two minor versions released since 2000, Campaign Commander is leading the market with product and platform innovations. Early versions of Campaign Commander enabled marketers to rapidly advance their email marketing programs. Comprehensive product support for mobile campaigns quickly followed. Significant investments were made in the platform, security, deliverability and global ISP relationships. More recent innovations include new language support, social media integration, multi-account management and integration of campaign data with key business applications.

International Growth

From the first release, Campaign Commander was designed to execute campaigns across multiple regions, time zones and languages. This unique capability enabled Emailvision to support businesses who were executing online relationship marketing in multiple countries. Emailvision expanded office locations throughout Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia in order to provide in-country support to an international client base. In 2011, Emailvision launched a global support center in Barcelona, Spain with round-the-clock customer support that augments services offered by local Emailvision offices.

Looking Forward

Exciting innovations in technology are giving marketers unprecedented opportunity to reach audiences with innovative and personalized online marketing. At the same time, the days of email blasting and ‘one size fits all’ marketing are quickly coming to a close. The future of email, mobile and social marketing will be smarter online marketing based on new customer intelligence technology. Marketing that reaches customers in their preferred channel and language, and with the most appropriate products and service offers. Marketing that delivers higher response rates and more profitable revenues. Marketing that includes user generated content to build communities around brands. Capitalizing on 12 years of innovations and industry leadership, Emailvision is delivering the next generation of global relationship marketing. Marketing as never before.

Key dates

1999: Emailvision is founded and the first office opens in France
2000: The flagship product called Campaign Commander is launched
2000: Emailvision opens the United Kingdom office
2001: Emailvision opens the German office
2002: Campaign Commander, Version 2.0 is released
2003: Campaign Commander, Version 3.0 is released
2004: Campaign Commander, Version 4.0 is released
2004: Guy Porré joins the senior leadership team
2005: Growth hits 40% CAGR in 2005, a rate continued each subsequent year
2006: Campaign Commander, Version 5.0 is released
2006: Emailvision opens the Belgium office
2008: Campaign Commander, Version 6.0 is released
2008: Emailvision opens offices in the United States, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands
2009: Emailvision opens offices in Scandinavia and Italy
2010: Campaign Commander, Version 7.0 is released
2010: Private equity fund Francisco Partners becomes the leading investor in Emailvision
2010: Emailvision opens offices in China, Brazil and Hong Kong
2011: Emailvision acquires Objective Marketer, a pioneer in social marketing
2011: Emailvision acquires SmartFocus Group, an industry leader in customer intelligence
2011: Emailvision opens offices in Israel, Portugal, Austria, Canada, Argentina and Mexico
2011: Emailvision releases the next generation of Campaign Commander, Version 8.0