Landscape Overview

Short document outlining the key trends and observations for Social Media Sector in 2011 and beyond. Document

Highlights the following key observations :

•Both Facebook and Twitter are addressing the key need of maintaining relevance for users and stopping devaluation of

the network (helping users extract more value from their network through respective Social Graph Techniques including filtering

and Social Search)

•The Social Network ecosystem is rapidly polarising around Facebook and Twitter. They in turn becoming more platform

focussed, allowing other applications and vertical Social Networks to sit on top of the platform layer

•The rise of Foursquare, rollout of Facebook and Twitter  propositions underlines Geo-location will be core to the evolution

of Social Media. The rise of Group Buying location services like Groupon (launched late 2008, now 15m users) , even Microsoft

Enters market with Cudo

•Facebook and Twitter are both rapidly becoming more brand and content friendly e.g. Plug-ins, Annotations.
•Mobile usage, and use cases, will surge ….

“People all over the world are walking around with mini computers in their hands and you can basically let your

imagination run wild with the endless possibilities that offers to the social media industry.”

Niall Harbison,, Sept 2010


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