Visually stunning and elegantly designed for Sony Tablet, Xperia™Tablet and VAIO® PC, Socialife creates a personalized mosaic of your life’s interests all in one place.

Social Discovery and Consumption

Social Network Aggregation

Socialife aggregates all the major social networks, creating seamless experiences connected to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and 30 others. “More data will be created in the next four years than in the history of the planet.”1 Much of that data is now being generated on social networks, with high value customers having accounts on multiple services.


Socialiife social network connections enable seamless sharing of customer’s activity and likes in both automated and user triggered ways. Socialife are committed to customer privacy and provide easy mechanisms to manage privacy.

Social Discovery and Validation

Socialife levers on Social Media Platform enables user to build social advocacy and drive uptake of your products and services. Social Discovery can deliver rapid building of a qualified audience . Lumata is experienced in creating seamless experiences to enable your customers to add their friends to your service, discover what their friends are enjoying, find likeminded people and discover new products and services.

Social Commerce

Lumata’s background in mobile commerce brings a wealth of experience in managing purchase experiences, from shopping carts to 1-click mobile billing. Lumata can convert each new social referral into revenue for your business.

No more keeping up with shifting APIs.

Social media is changing all the time. Not only are new sites popping up with great user-generated content, but the APIs that let you pull content from those sites change as well. Lumata stays up to date with the technology so you can focus on your customers.